The concept of Genius Art International

Flyer 2012

Serbia has a long art tradition. The country was isolated from the rest of the world for many decades. People were working under difficult conditions, influenced themselves mutually and developed independent art styles without contacts to artists in other countries.

There are many artists who were experimenting with all kinds of materials and we find an astonishing creativity in such a country without inputs from abroad. Influences come mainly from the long cultural tradition Serbia has. After decades of isolation, the borders opened slowly to the world in the last ten years, but the Serbian art and artists remained still unknown. Therefore we would like to take the chance and change this situation.Our target is to represent these great artist internationally and give them a chance to show their fantastic art to a broader public.

Looking on economical situation in Serbia, the artist could hardly live from art. There were no public art exhibitions, nor art museums and no galleries in Serbia and all you could do is to show art in private places and to friends. Despite all that, Serbian artist were working with great creativity, spirituality,enthusiasm and, specially, with a lot of talent. We think that these artists deserve more attention in the international art market and that the world starts to discover serbian art.

Our journey together started at the time when we met in Basel 2010. Christian M. Degen spend a couple of years in the Balkan region, managed to understand its traditions and spirit. Sharing the same joy and knowledge of art, we founded our gallery , the Genius Art International Gallery in Belgrad. We started to make plans about the future to conquer the art world with the aim, to give selected Serbian artists a chance for international attention.

We are young, we are dealing with art and we have an eye for high quality. We are persuaded that we find a place in the art world for our artists and we want to support the development of the Balkan art. To introduce this missing piece to the international art family. We think that the artists from Serbia create high quality and interresting art, wich you cannot find anywhere else. There’s excellent art in Belgrade. Because we met that art, we want to show it to the world.

Pedja Acimovic